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Personal information:
Home phone: (415) 621-3096
Jfax: (916) 404-6860
Address: 131 Arkansas St. SF CA 94107

Here are my PGP and GPG keys:
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Key fingerprint = AA 58 5C FF 90 9E CC 6F A9 78 1A 5C CC 32 62 71
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Key fingerprint = 7E0D 227D 02BF 9808 0BDB 3F91 5F9A 84CC 5872 59C4

Free useful software!

NFS server in Java Download it here .

Some more personal stuff...

Notes on software development as it is practiced in silicon valley today: see software.html.

Check it out Postcards from the Bay Area, Redwood City and San Jose.

Want to become an internation arms dealer? Read

Pictures from colorado are here.

Want to see some pictures I took in the copper canyon?

Comments about my startup experience.